Weird Facts about the Moon the Stars and Planets

The Moon

  • Once upon a time, 16th-century monks saw a giant explosion near the moon. This was most likely a large meteor slamming into the moon and leaving a large crater. So the moon shielded Earth from the Meteor!

The Stars



Astronomers use the Hubble Space telescope to photograph ‘Betelgeuse’, a giant red star, the largest in our galaxy.

Not every star is found inside galaxies. Astronomers found stars moving in between galaxies that are millions of light years apart and assume they have planets with intelligent life.

On a night that is clear the human eye has the ability to see between 2000 and 3,000 stars in the sky.

The Planets



If you are tired of cold weather, it is time to take a vacation to Venus.The hottest planet on the earth. It is hotter than Mercury as the clouds have an abundance of carbon dioxide holding in the heat it gets from the sun


If Saturn were placed inside water, it would float!






The Sun



Our sun is over 2.5 million miles around at its equator.








Astronauts can relax with ice water from the planet Mercury after a long exploring day as it is closest to the Sun but has no atmosphere to spread heat and shadows in crates hold ice deposits.







A huge cloud (Oort Cloud)of rock and ice and rock encircling the solar system.

Beyond Pluto, it extends to the next star. The objects bump each other and one reaches the  sun and becoming a comet









There is a mountain called Olympus Mons on Mars, it is fifteen miles high, this is three times higher than the highest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest






Explore fishing on Jupiter’s moon, Europa where evidence indicates an ocean under ice. Someday you may go ice fishing on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. The ocean is kept from evaporating by the ice and huge tides keep the temperatures of the ocean above freezing points. The ice would keep the ocean from evaporating and huge tides caused by Jupiter would keep the ocean temperature above freezing.

Whenever you feel you might be standing still remember galaxies move at a million miles every hour.

Scientific beliefs indicate that there are diamond rains on Uranus and Neptune

The sun is 330000 times larger than earth

Seventy-one percent of the earth is covered in Water

Jupiter is made up purely of gasses

Over 6 billion people live on Earth

A year on the planet Mercury is 88 days.