Top 5 kids APPS

In today’s world technology and media reigns supreme in every essence of our lives. More especially so with our younger generation of growing minds. What we as policymakers, teachers and parents need to do is provide information that is trusted and unbiased and tools to help them harness the sphere of media and technology in a positive light.

It has been estimated that the kids of today spend over 50 hours a week on screen time. The content consumed creates and impacts on their emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development

An essential skill is using technology and media wisely for enhancing learning and life skill in our 21st century.

Teachers, parents, and policymakers struggle keeping up with the digital world that changes so rapidly. The fact is, it is the digital world where today’s children learn and live. They need guidance to navigate a constantly changing world.

Families need to make media choices that are smart. They need a reliable source of age ranked and rated games, movies, apps, websites, television shows, music, and books.

We need to teach our kids to be respectful, to be savvy and be responsible media users. We cannot cover our children’s eyes but we must teach them, teach them vision.

We need to have voice and choice about media kids create and consume. Every family differs but we do need to make choices that are informed.

The Newton show strives for learning development beyond textbooks.


Breathe, Think and Do

This is a valuable app for emotional development beyond the a-b-c learning paths. It explores problem-solving, self-control, task persistence, and planning.


Alien Assignment

This is a problem-solving app that does a great job to involve parents in the learning path of the kids. Kids get a photo review feedback of solutions and it initiates conversations between parents and kids about learning topics in a creative and cute storyline for family fun!



This app is a great way for children to explore life in the space station and learn about food growth in space. Rewards and tasks keep the kids motivated and they aspire to reach the goal. Plant Growth is an interactive excellent combination of life science, space science, and experimental design.


Monkey Stick Crossing

Grow your stick to the right length to help monkey get across! An interactive process keeping attention afloat while developing subtle organizational skill.


Star Gurus

Star Gurus is a game to connect the dots where children playfully learn to practice counting and numbers.It is effective  for early learning stages.