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Sweet discoveries

Sweet discoveries. Kids adore miracles. And they also adore sweets. But what do you get if you combine these two? You get the exciting programme “Sweet Discoveries” from the Newton Show. This programme will make the sweet-toothed ones very happy. Along with good fun and new knowledge, you’ll also get candy floss and delicious desserts.


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from 4 to 12 years
40 min

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Disco in bubbles

Thousands of bubbles that don’t burst for a long time will amuse everyone!

+30 min
150 SGD
Volcano cake

You want a real volcano with lot of smog on your party? Just order our special volcano cake!

+0 min
300 SGD
Scientific goody-bag

give to you friends possibility to make funny experience at home! We add something sweet, something fun and something scientific to your best goody bag!

+0 min
15 SGD
Rocket launch

Birthday child will do the launch of the real rocket! Kids love this!

+20 min
100 SGD