School Graduation

Kidult. Here they are with their ABCs, first readers, diagonal lines, and the first six grades all done. High school days, hard sciences and difficult subjects are coming. Or maybe not? Maybe there are great discoveries, exciting challenges and loads of useful facts to learn? The sciences only seem difficult – in reality they can be endlessly entertaining. We certainly know!

This show demonstrates that getting ready for learning science is fun! Physics and chemistry can look so serious at first glance: formulas and calculations, reactions and valences. But when you think about it, conducting colorful experiments and mixing compounds can be fun. Are you still skeptical?

  • Dry ice experiments
  • Optical illususions
  • Gravity and hovering objects
  • Polymeric wonder-worms
  • Soap volcano
  • Scientific soda (water)
  • “Topsy turvy” with a super-smoke grenade

and many others.

Professoring the professors. For junior and senior high school graduates we also have a little something! Spectacular experiments with liquid nitrogen, electricity, sound and color, smoke guns and nitric bombs. An adult child is still a child, so you can also book a candy-floss machine or a scientific cake for the party.

A big crowd is no problem. It’s not a simple task to grab a kid’s attention, and when there are many kids, the job gets more complicated. But not for our Professors. They know how to captivate even the most fidgety fidget. And our photographer can help capture these great moments for parents.



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