Feast in scientific style

Our main thing is a scientific approach! How do you organize a kid’s party so that all the guests are happy, parents pleased, and the special child made to feel like it was a fairy-tale day? It takes planning to ensure that the party is unusual, surprising and scientific! And who understands science, parties and fun better than anyone? Of course, it’s the Newton Show!

We teach without a textbook, and we get a kick out of doing experiments.

We offer our audience over 150 colorful and surprising experiments and tests from the world of physics and chemistry. But, why are we calling them an audience? Children love participating, and with us, they can participate in the whole show. It is interactive. Do you want to help the Professor in his ‘laboratory’? Go ahead!

How will we perform? Our Professors can offer a lot of options, such as:

  • Experiments with liquid nitrogen
  • Real smoke-gun in action
  • Levitation of different objects
  • Creation of worms, mashems and scientific soda
  • Experiments with dry ice
  • Thunder out of nowhere or huge foam volcano
  • Swirl in the bottle and artificial snow.

And if scientific tests and experiments aren’t enough, you can also order a delicious scientific cake or have a show where you can make your own candy floss. Kids will be ecstatic.

Extra convenience

Our photographer will be happy to visit your party to take professional-quality pictures. And for a big event, we can provide an extra Professor to keep everyone entertained.



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Professional approach

Our Team
Screenwriter х2
Driver х8
Professor х48
Photographer х12
Our team is a group of professionals,
who passionate about kids and science

A scientific show is in numbers

on the market
more 150
more 50000
happy clients

Accordance accident prevention

All experiments and tests we
feature in our shows are verified
by real scientists and
only included after approval.
All our materials are
sourced and safety certified by
our partners in Canada and the USA
At the end of our shows,
all materials are removed
and we ensure floors and clothes are clean