Birthday party

Is Magic ordered? This special occasion only happens once a year and you need to spend it in a memorable way! The birthday child and guests are delighted and will remember this day for a long time. Each child can be a real magician, believe in miracles, and get acquainted with the world of scientific discoveries.

Miracles and science go hand in hand. The “Discoverer” scientific show-themed birthday party features:

  • Magic freezing (as if guests of the Snow Queen)
  • A lot of smoke out of nothing (much smoke about nothing), or getting acquainted with dry ice
  • A real roar of thunder
  • Dancing colored worms
  • Magic levitation with a magic wand
  • Summoning a genie from a bottle, and even much more.
A good time is guaranteed! The party will be an unforgettable one with these exciting discoveries. The experiments will be fun, and elicit genuine surprise and laughter. The memories will be enough to last the whole year! And to top it all off, you can order a science-themed cake and hire a photographer.

For one and all. Our program is designed for different age groups – from 4 to 15 years. We have more than 150 experiments and tests in the repertoire of the Newton Show. Children actively participate in all discoveries, and their safety is carefully ensured by the watchful Professor – or even two of them, if it’s a big party.



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Professional approach

Our Team
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Professor х48
Photographer х12
Our team is a group of professionals,
who passionate about kids and science

A scientific show is in numbers

on the market
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Accordance accident prevention

All experiments and tests we
feature in our shows are verified
by real scientists and
only included after approval.
All our materials are
sourced and safety certified by
our partners in Canada and the USA
At the end of our shows,
all materials are removed
and we ensure floors and clothes are clean