Photo and video

Pls take a look at our brightest moments with Newton show. On happy, enthusiastic children and colourful experiments it is possible to look without stop :)

How to organize merry child
holiday: photo and video?

Today to surprise children enough difficultly, and the splash of emotions and bright impressions will compliment with a scientific theater. To invite a departure scientific theater is means to arrange for children the real enchanting show with scientific experiments and experiments! Then child's holiday of video will leave the record of unbelievable wonders and focuses on memory.

A scientific theater is offered by presentation with space illusions, levitation of objects, chemical transformations of matters. On eyes for an audience scientific dzhinn, geyser will appear from a coca – cola, spring rainbow, frosty freshness on the North pole. Organizing is possible in child's gardens of video will open holidays secrets of scientific experiments and technical wonders. Children together with an animator and professor create the real sweetnesses – ice-cream, artificial soda pop, sweet cotton wool.

It is possible to see on video child's birthday, conducted together with a scientific theater. It is an impressive measure which will make happy adults and children. Such show is promoted by interest for children to exact sciences, elevates mind and opens creative potential. Merriest child a birthday photo can be seen and understand why children love scientific child's theater so. Unbelievable focuses, chemistry of color, the revival of objects will be made happy and will impress, children will memorize a festive show for a long time!

You will look child's holiday of photo, it very funnily and enthrallingly. It is possible on pictures to see how an assistant creates a soapy volcano or smoke dzhinna, artificial snow or iridescent ball. Actors work with liquid nitrogen, polymers, dry ice. Thus all materials are absolutely safe for children. Merry holidays in child's gardens of photo it is possible to do on memory. It a glad event will remain in memory for life!