How to Make Recycled Crafts for Kids

Crafts with recycled materials are innovative ways to expose kids to creative artworks possible.  The recycled art product can be made with materials found around homes, even items that are thrown away. For example, egg cartons, old clothing pieces and jewellery no longer usable can turn into artistic wonders with imagination and little effort.

There are endless creative possibilities. It works great for activities over holidays and weekends,.An added benefit is it contributes towards protection of the environment and saves money on art supplies and entertainment and toys!

An added benefit is it contributes towards protection of the environment and saves money on art supplies and entertainment and toys!


1.The Cereal Box House


Time to clean out grocery cupboards for a refill? Wait.Leave those empty cereal boxes aside. They can ignite creativity sense with an art project, constructing a  cool house that children can play with and decorate at any time.

Items Required

A pencil

A ruler


A knife

A Cereal Box

Paint or markers and coloured paper





Flatten the cereal box. Cut flaps on both ends.

Remove the front panels of the box. The remaining part should be able to stand.

Let the flat cardboard face up.

Cut down skinny box sides of the box are half of the centre panel.

Trim the centre top panel as the roof. Create roof type preferred.  Look at  some roof  examples (slope, flat or angular)

Windows and doors and windows can be drawn with the pencil and ruler.

The scissors can cut the door on the right side and also at the top.

Cut open windows in a capital I shape

The decoration can begin with designed paper or paint.

When done fold the box put to stand itself. Add created drawings taping them behind windows and the door. Draw and cut flowers for the window

2. The Tin-Can phone


We might be in the era of cordless and mobiles, but the old fashioned method of tin can phones is an interesting light in the dimension. The model may not be flash and won’t be able to email and WhatsApp through a string, yet it offers something else. A fun project that can be made in vibrating sound waves of excitement

Items Required

Tin cans with tops removed


Duct tape



Glitter, felt, markers, paint or other forms of decor

Tape over any rough edges left when removing the tops of the cans to make them safe for the kids. Give the decorating materials and let them personalise the phones in any ways they wish.

Turn both of the cans upside down, hammering the nail through bottoms of each can to make a centre hole. Remove the nail and set the cansCut out a string of about 10 feet. Insert the end through one can, knotting it inside. Repeat the string action with the other can.

The phone is ready. One child can hold the can to his ear and the other child talks through the can at the other end. The sound  travel through string  “wire.”

Voice makes sound vibrations when the string is stretched tightly, the vibrations travel down and vibrate to the other can reaching the person at the other end of the can

3. Alphabet in a Bottle

This is a great way to enhance reading and writing with letter knowledge, materials .recognitions of letters m recognition of words and is ar creative arts and crafts method using recycle materials.