The Main Reasons Why Science Education In Childhood Stages Are Necessary?

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Kids are naturally curious about the world. We delve into the world of science. We explore :

Life Science, Physical Science, and Planetary Science!

We journey into the known. We journey into the unknown.

Kids seek answers, brainstorm and work together solve problems while having fun! The world of science shows us sparkling ways to get interested in subjects and nurture curiosity that lingers in little minds.


Our blog will feature all that parents need to know and all that blossoming minds aspire to, answering everyday frequent questions while focusing on science topics in conjunction with real life. The main goal is to get minds excited about science questions about everyday things and open pathways of excitement in a search for answers

What is it about Science? Why Science?

For young minds, science is part of the everyday world. We do not have to teach youngsters how to wonder and discover. It comes naturally in the everyday wake and plays.

It is a myth that we need to convince children that science is fun. No kidding. Science is fun and presented in the right way. it can only get better.

What shapes negative opinions about Science?

Mainly bad experiences. This is why working in early childhood education creates amazing experiences. It encourages discovery through playing. Asking questions and creatively solving simple problems.

Experiences and even little mistakes turn into learning experiences that are unforgettable, motivating children to self-explore and learn more

Childhood educators have impact and influence shaping opinions and thoughts of children. Research has clearly indicated that children form and opinion about science by the time they reach the age of seven. Teaching science for early childhood educators is not just an option, it is necessary,

Teachers have the opportunity to create experiences that are amazing and have a lasting impact that will last throughout the schooling period.

Early science introduction will grow the next generation of scientists! Grown the passion to change the future of science, never losing the fun element!

When an experience is so exciting that it gets to dinner table talks with parents, it is a winning experience. A learning experience that is unforgettable! The secret is engaging kids, using creativity to promote exploration and wonder.

Between Good and Great Lessons

Newton Show Lessons


Good is learning the how to’s. Great is learning why.

Good is learning facts, Great is weaving facts into real world confrontations.

Good is doing ‘activities, great is creating learning experiences that are unforgettable!

Science Facts are surprising and amazing

Trending technology facts range cell phones, robots computers, and the internet.

Endless animal facts never stop.

Chemical facts take us on a learning route about atoms, metals, liquids, solids, elements, and gases

Earth is fascinating a home to wonders like rivers, deserts volcanoes and more

Welcome to the Discovery World of Science.

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