Mars here we come! The latest Planet news-Are you ready?

Making the Trip to our Red Planet – Mars

Thinking about moving to Mars? Dreaming about it? The shaky, poisonous atmosphere, the cold showers and the red all over? Odd and uncomfortable aspirations right? Nevertheless, many dream of going to Mars.

The question is, will we make it?

It is not very easy; gravity does not know when to give up! Pick up anything and throw it, the object eventually drops right? Pick up and throw harder, it goes further right?

Now the reason why you cannot throw it as far as you wish to is the resistance of the air. Hitting the ground is about gravity. In a world, without air no even using all your strength to throw something it will reach the ground in the exact time. Why? Gravity works downward not over. If you throw harder, it travels longer before falling due to speed.

Therefore, if you throw hard enough, it will reach further. Now imagine throwing it fast but the earth curved away from gravity. Does it keep missing the ground? That is the floating life of Mars

The Orbit! The way to space, escape the gravity of the earth in a speed motion!
Here is the challenge, there are not many ways of speed at that level. 
Our best way is tube blowing and leaving a hole on one end. The Newton Law for “rockets”

Moving to Mars?

It is easy to send robots to Mars. They do not have any feelings if there is no food and oxygen packed. Humans always have a need for little earth bubbles

Humans need to stretch. Humans need hammers, lima beans and toothpaste. In addition, they need space rockets with fuel when they have a need for a back to earth journey.

The capacity to go to Mars is not yet there……fully. Now there are many challenges but it is not all impossible to start a colony on Mars. It is about engineering and loads of money!

The ambitious plan to establish a colony on Mars with private investment in cheap, rockets that can deliver a slow stream of human and supplies can lead to building up a Mars colony over the next few decades.

We are getting there! –  THE NASA MOTION TO SPACE PLAN

NASA plans to build a space launching system. So humans will venture to Mars. Babies will even be born in Mars. Civilisation will either flourish or flounder on our Red Planet.

Sending humans to Mars is a feasible plan in our current stages of civilisation and lo longer a wacky notion. Therefore, it is all about economics, getting super wealthy or political systems to be run by NASA and all will be on track!One way or the other, the venture to Mars is destined to happen at some stage or age.

The signature of soil from Mars it the rich red colour. Therefore, a colony will not be any silver city but will blend in perfect motion if a new discovery pans out.

University of California engineers created bricks that a simulated Martian soil composition h amazingly basic building blocks were much stronger than concrete that is steel reinforced!

The brick creation was simple. The engineering team dried Martian soil, compressed it at a high pressure in moulds and allowed it to dry. The blocks were strong and more permeable that the dentist rocks

Now a structure built with these bricks will hold an atmosphere.Now, this is viral on Mars where the air is super thin and the temperature falls to a – 100 degrees F.


Brian J. Chow and Yu Qiao


The Martian soil with its patented redness is the iron oxide that when under pressure, iron oxide morphs into a density that binds the regolith all around it together in the process.

NASA scientists at a recent New Space Age Conference came to an agreement that a colony in Mars colony would be utilising soil from Mars as a building material,

Astronauts would need to carry along a brick making device and necessary materials to ensure structures built are habitable, like insulation and radiation shields.




Martian soil structure represents ingenuity, humans can colonise our red planet!  Ready to experience Mars?Welcome to the Newton Show.