Frequently asked Questions about the Newton Show

What is the Newton Show About?

We are dedicated to sparking interest in science and the love of science with hands-on discoveries. Our main mission is igniting science wonders in children so they begin to question and learn intelligently connecting their gained knowledge to the world and consider science careers.





What does the Newton Show Do?

The Newton Show with hands-on discoveries brings science to life.  Our primary activity is entertaining shows to enrich opportunities for youth and children and enrich education.

Our presenters are role models with a flair to open career pathways in engineering and science fields. We have all levels from Kindergarten to Grade 8. We work with schools and education centres to enhance the capacity of promoting science with hands-on participation, this complements their textbook curriculums. We reach beyond inspiring children and families to cultivate a society embracing science. We bring enriching opportunities for parents to engage with children in events

We serve the diverse needs of educators, parents, students and local groups for science development and all that share passion for science.

Is science or kids?

Yes. It all begins at home. Kids in science friendly environments are encouraged to question and think critically, explain the reasoning and experiments are explicit lessons with the  Newton Show experiences.There is a huge variety of home experiments too.

What are the best activities and resources for kids?

Kids benefit from critical thinking and explicit activity. Activities using science tools like rulers, magnifying glasses and scales for balancing are beneficial backgrounds both in and out of school. Science activities undoubtedly foster scientific ways of thinking.  Kids consider observations to test ideas about how everyday things work.

Activities at the Newton Show address practical skills. We use a tweezer, magnifying glasses, and rulers as basics.

And what about school?

Studies suggest that student are better at problem-solving and raise IQ’s when they learn the principles of hypothesis, logic and reasoning methods.


Welcome to the Newton Show….