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Discoveries for Students

The interesting “Discoveries for Students” program by the Newton Show will help students to learn physics and chemistry curriculum subjects. If a child loves chemistry and physics, he will be delighted with this show. For students who are not keen on these subjects, the show could kindle a lifelong interest in them. The “Discoveries for Students” program will be useful for all.


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from 7 to 16 years
40 min

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Disco in bubbles

Thousands of bubbles that don’t burst for a long time will amuse everyone!

+30 min
150 SGD
Volcano cake

You want a real volcano with lot of smog on your party? Just order our special volcano cake!

+0 min
300 SGD
Scientific goody-bag

give to you friends possibility to make funny experience at home! We add something sweet, something fun and something scientific to your best goody bag!

+0 min
15 SGD
Rocket launch

Birthday child will do the launch of the real rocket! Kids love this!

+20 min
100 SGD