EVENTS: Newton Show at The Kids Academy 2017!

The Newton show made a sparkling appearance at the Kids Academy 2017, the longest running education fair for children in Singapore that launched in 2009. The event took place at  Suntec Singapore Hall from the 9th to 11th of  June 2017.

The stage lightened up to dozens of little bright sparks and the Newton professors made a dazzling appearance, awakening the interest of leading schools, child care centres and the media in Singapore (Straits Times) and the KISS92 radio station!

In full proof that science is definitely not boring, the Newton show took to the stage in a  showcase of science experiments in a fashion of presenting talent and active participation.

Young families  were  amazed at the jaw-dropping magic of science

Science is a  splendid way to get reluctant learners interested in all subjects and helps to nurture natural curiosity that children have about their daily world experiences.

The Newton show participation in the KIDS ACADEMY 2017  was an innovation of combining humour with action and supporting content in a  high-quality of education to make perfect learning formulas.

Science helps kids to gain a new life perspective of life and makes them understand how everything works. Six live science shows were hosted by the Newton Show, took place in the Kids Academy. They explored subject avenues including gravity, optical illusions and osmosis and delved into a realm of many other magical science tricks.

To help kids develop interactive ways in the field of science, check out the Newton Show.