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A party for Steven Seagal

On October 4th, Steven Seagal was travelling with his wife and son.
That evening, the star guest wanted to organize a party for his son.

“It’s very hard to surprise Hollywood guests. We took great care with our preparations and chose the most spectacular program — "Experiments With Dry Ice." Judging from the guests delight, "Hollywood has never seen anything like it!”
Professor Neutron, actor

We had artificial snow, soapy blow-ups and long-lasting soap bubbles. The party guests were treated to seven exciting dry ice experiments, and everyone was also treated to delicious scientific soda.

“The star family was very pleased with the feastparty. Steven Seagal was so impressed that he gratefully left us an autograph”
Tanya, administrator

Princess’ Birthday

Birthday party for a 10 year old girl.
Chosen program: "Children's party — all inclusive"
Duration - 80 minutes.

“The tricky part of such parties is to make the birthday girl feel special, yet not to deprive other young guests of attention. We make the birthday girl the Queen of the Ball, and she, along with the Professor, holds contests and treats the guests”
A professor is Atom, actor

In this program, party guests make scientific soda, create festive explosions, make snow and conduct 20 other experiments. Every guest receives cute worms that they ‘grow’ themselves, has great fun and leaves the party with unforgettable memories.

"The program was such a hit that we received bookings from three other families who were there, for their own parties"
Professor Vector, actor

Summer event for Porsche

The Porsche dealer organized a summer event for its partners.
"The Newton Show" was invited to entertain the children of VIP guests.

“Children of very different ages are brought to such events. So the main task was to entertain the youngest kids as well as the older ones”»
Oleg, a scriptwriter

The chosen program was “The Summer Opening”, which includeds a variety of experiments. To keep parents interested, a lucky draw for gift certificates for a free science show was also held.

As a result, “The Newton Show” received 7 more corporate bookings from the invited guests.

Children's Day at "Caravan Shopping Center"

The Newton Show was part of an entertainment program for children in Dnepropetrovsk. The venue of the show was the Caravan Shopping Center.

“We didn’t expect that many children. The audience was 2 times bigger than what we expected supposed. The task was complicated by the fact that the children’s attention was constantly distracted by goings-on in the shopping center. However, the entertainers kept the audience interested all the way through”.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the experiments: color chemistry, dry ice, morning washing porridge and polymeric toys. Everyone happily participated in the contests, and no child was left out of the activities.

Entertainment for Children

A science-themed guest theatre show is a theatrical performance featuring science experiments. It saim is to combine entertainment with education. Children get the opportunity to see a great show with fantastic tricks and magic and, entertainers perform feats of science and technology on demand.

Currently science-style parties are very cool! Entertainers conduct color games, chemical transformations, optical illusions, and sound effects experiments. These shows explore the world of real sciences, reveal children’s creativity and possibly even help them decide on future professions. If you book a party, we come and keep you and your guests entertained all evening. The most important thing is choosing the program. Programs are offered for different age groups: Hoose from “A Journey to the Center of the Earth”, "Sweet Discoveries", "Children's Party, All Inclusive," "Tesla Discoveries" or, "Summer Discoveries". Children and adults alike can create rainbow glasses or artificial snow, make rainbows and thunder, or experiments with liquid nitrogen and polymers.

A scientific theatre performance by children’s entertainers at birthday parties is the best kind of show. Professor Discoverson does a great party for kids and adults alike. This spectacular event will be remembered for a lifetime!


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