6 Amazing Inventions by Kids

Did you know ear muffs, the trampoline and popsicles were inventions by kids? A few kids even became rich from inventions before they graduated from high school.

For hundreds of years, kids have been making advances in science, technology and food, all before they’re old enough to drive a car.

From everyday toys to life-altering creations, here some of the best inventions that have come from the word’s youngest minds. Kids are natural innovators. Organisations need to foster innovations by kids in the science and technology fields.

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What are inventions?

An invention is a brand new creation that improves the way something functions, it introduces new ways of being able to fulfil tasks. Inventions can either be incidental or may even be accidental. They can be practical or they can be fun!

What are innovations?

Innovations are about changes to things already in operation and existing. An interesting innovation became a patent by the time a child reached four yeard old. When the little girl was two years old she was section off to a remote place so she would stay away from cabinet doors she used suction cups with an extension. The parents saw it as a neat idea for people in wheelchairs with limited mobility.!

What is Technology?

The science and the art of using and creating things  and turning natural world materials into machines, objects and tools are technology

6 Great Inventions


Hands on Basketball

In the year 1994, Chris Hass was only nine years old when he watched friend missing basketball shots. He decided to create a hands-on basketball that shows children where they need to place their hands when they are playing basketball.

He developed the idea for the  Invention Convention competition held at the school he attended. He may not have won but it encouraged him  and soon he had a patent selling the hands-on basketball to a company dealing with sports equipment that made huge sales all over the world


In the year 1930, George Nissen was a sixteen years old.Watching trapeze artists doing stunts , he thought how spectacular it would be if the performers continued to bounce and do more tricks once they came into a safety net from swinging bars. Nissen came up with a ‘bouncing rig’.

Nissan achieved this by connecting canvas and using innertubes of tyres to the frames, eventually, replaces by coil springs. The trampoline was registered as his invention and became increasingly popular.



When Frank Eppersen was eleven years old he invented a patent that became world famous, the popsicle. One winter night in 1905, an accidental invention when Epperson made a soft drink and forgot it on the porch.When he woke up with his wooden stir stick stuck in the frozen soda. It became a popular treat for all in the summer!



Ear Muffs


Chester Greenwood is known for inventing earmuffs when he was fifteen years old and could not bear the cold when ice-skating. He asked his grandma to sew fur between wire loops  and the patent was eventually improved and used as ear protectors that were manufactured by him


Braille System

Lous Braille was fifteen when he invented the Braille system after he was blinded accidentally in an eye when he was three years old. The disease resulted in blindness in both eyes by the time he turned five

Ten years later Braille created a reading system that was composed of dots. The invention is used all over the world and is a priceless gift to blind people



 Precursor to television 

Philo Farnworth became knows as the father of television. In 1927,  when he 21, he produced the very first electronic television transmission. Using a  glass slide, he smoked it with carbon and then scratched line on it. This was then placed on a  projector and then shone o a photocathode of a camera tube.
Six years thereafter the image became and electronic image that was the first way ahead for one electronic device that had a huge influence and changed the world.