5 Day Camps in Science Style with the Newton Show

Discovering Science on Newton Show Camps

Our camps are fun-filled scientific sparks that ignite the discovery of new worlds and exciting possibilities.

The exciting features on our science camps include:

  • James Bond  Spy Science
  • Detective Science
  • To the moon and back Space Science
  • Fun Science

Our solid eight years of experience in camping ensures a guarantee of fun-filled and knowledge building activities with fun paths of brand new discoveries. We currently collaborate with 62 schools in four countries, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.



On the spy science menu, kids embark on a five-day project. The spy game involves six characters. Anyone could be ‘the spy’. The kids have to identify the real spy

One spy suspect is eliminated each day  with engaging activities and knowledge  until we are left with the ultimate spy

Everday lesson include

  •  chemistry
  • physics
  • geography
  • drawing,c
  • lay crating

The two-hour lesson plan is a question and answers hand on experiment venture of creation.

The Camp includes fun-filled activities with tailing, outdoor tasks, body language, secret message coding and decoding, invisible ink and fingerprint analyses



Chemistry of Colour

30 Experiments within two hours with breaks between

The explore the colours of the rainbow, study colour creation  from three base colours,

The experiments are based on chemical elements with optical and physical equipment

Exploring Polymers  

The lesson includes 16 experiments.Children learn about the use of polymers and experiment process.

The lesson includes 16 experiments.Children learn about the use of polymers and experiment process.

They study polymer characteristics  and create  polymer toys and artificial snow


Exploring the Dynamics of Electricity

Electronic equipment is ready and set up, the helping children make electric nets without any complex devices.

Make alarm clocks, helicopter and a range of other products. Children learn about electric net system and its functioning

Force and motion

A prototype os a robot is created with solar panels. The child chooses a design and gets introduced to kinetic and potential energy, forces and a range of other physical concepts


Looking Back at Dinosaur ages

The study of dinosaurs becomes an exploration of dino bones, structure of ancient animals study and a prehistoric knowledge tunnel of who  lived where and the disappearance of dinosaurs on  planet earth living spaces

Taste Buddying Science

Cheerful experiments that look at chemistry and physics in the kitchen. 25 food experiments with hands-on practice and loads of information.

Miracle of the Human Body 

We examine the structure of the human body, we learn about hearts beating and skin popping out acne. Skeleton creations, first aid teaching and more.

The World of Magnetising Attractions

Get pulled into insights of the amazing world of magnets, with the earth as the largest one.

Our magnet master class includes magnet creation




Dry ice is an amazing substance that into gas and bypassing liquidating. There are 2o experiments and all is disclosed on this interesting substance

Science Show for Kids

An hour show by our mad professor  performance will make kids crave for science insight into the known and the unknown

The end of the camp all kids get items to take back and keep as memories of experiences beyond wonder


 Planet Science: To the Moon and Back


The Earth Journey

Kids explore the structure of the earth and phenomenon like earthquakes, volcanos and tsunamis. Experiments are carried out as demonstrations to understand the processes

Mountains, Volcanoes Rock and Minerals

Minerals and stones stored by the planet are various.Kids get a real quartz reward can be created by kids themselves

DAY  2

Earth and  its neighbour

We learn about the place of earth in the universe, are , how people learn where we are, how people learn who we are.

We explore the solar system, galaxies and stars and how it helps us with star maps and orientation

Journey to the moon

The moon, out natural satellite, we explore all stories about the moon and even look into the dark side of the moon

Jumping in real moon boots, there is a feel of how it is to be on the moon!


A space challenge through the times and the  about the race conquest to space through luck and failure

A look into  Space History
The history of space exploration from the very beginning to our days. And we get to build a spaceship


The Mars expedition, the idea of living on Mars and preparing for a journey to Mars to send off colonising Mars.

We look into other possible planets we can live on and how far are they from Earth. What do humans need for life? All will be revealed


Getting into the Spaceship drift

We end off with a spaceship challenge. We build a spaceship and a real competition.

The rocket launch

We gear together our five rockets running all of them and see which flies the highest and carries along more cargo
A look into the best landings and parameters

Quite Snoozing and Losing: Get ready to rocket straight into the next Newton Show Camp


  • Camp runs from 9:00 am, till 16:00 pm. 3 meals included at the  school restaurant, (vegetarian, and halal menus available). 2 adults will  accompany 10 kids. Kids spend 50% of time indoor with different activities and 50% outdoor.