3 Fun Science Experiments

Welcome:  Newton Home Experiment Series.

Here you will get a stream of ideas that can be used at home or in the class. They are all experiments that are hands on and a great introduction into the science world.

Most of these experiments are using everyday objects lying around the home.  Science is so much fun and you learn and enjoy with easy to follow instructions. Let us get started!

1. Learning About Soap Experiment

All know that soap is the most common household item. We wash our hands, we wash our bodies, we wash the dishes, we wash our clothes that we wear, the car and even the dog when he runs into a muddy pool.

SO what is soap?

Soap is a combination of ashes, water and fat from plants or animals. In a combination, they create a chemical reaction. The combine to make soap.

The chemicals grab dirt and oil off the body and hands. The molecules make the bubbly lather when mixed with water, In this way, dirt is removed.

Something else happens, the chemical changes can make fats pull towards it like a magnet.

Let’s see how this works

Pour some milk onto a plate, cover without spilling, Drop some food colourings into the milk slowly. Put soap in the centre, Watch colours swirl and run away.

This is how it happened. Milk is composed of protein, water, fat, vitamins and minerals. When soap touches milk, fat is pulled to the soap like a magnet. The fat rushes to the soap

The large fat particle size pushes ahead to reach the soap.

All that is learnt from the soap experiment

Soap is made up of fat, ashes and water

Ashes and Water mixed makes lye

Lye with fat becomes a chemical reaction

A chemical reaction is when substances combine and make a new product

Plant and animal fat can make soap

2. Plastic Cup Chicken Sounds Experiment


Items needed

A plastic cup.

Cotton or nylon string

Paper clip


Paper  Towel




Cut the rope to about 40cm in size.

Nail a hole in the centre at the bottom of the plastic cup

Tie the rope to the paper clip centre

Push the other string end through the paper cup hole and pull through

Cut the paper towel to a dollar bill size folding it once and dampening it in the water
Get ready to make some chicken noise. Hold the cup firmly with once hand and wrap the paper towel around the string close to the cup. Squeeze the string pulling down in small jerks making the paper towel slide along the rope

And you will hear a chicken!
This experiment is a demonstration of the workings of a sounding board. The vibrations from the string would usually be silent with no paper cup, adding the cup, vibrations spread and gets louder.

Music boxes and pianos use wood as a sounding boatd to make the instrument louder

Pianos and music boxes use wood to act as a sounding board to make the instrument louder.

Test different string forms to see which makes the loudest sound.They different cup sizes and see how it affects the sound

Try other materials besides the paper towel




 Yeast Blow Up Balloon Experiment

Items needed

A yeast packet

A soda Bottle

One teaspoon sugar

Warm water

A balloon


Fill the bottle with  a little warm water, about one inch

Add the yeast and swirl the bottle

Add sugar

Blow the balloon to stretch it.

Place the balloon neck over the bottle

Place the bottle in a warm place for 20 minutes

The balloon will be inflated!

Yeast eats sugar releasing carbon dioxides.The gas fills up the bottle and fills the balloon with gas.