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Newton international show

Newton Show" – is the international science show, operates 8 years in 4 countries in Europe, it is a science club, what propose to kids new format of getting knowledge – FUN science! In our club we do a lot of experiments and explore the world with kids from 3 to 16 year old! Kids do not just watch the spectacular experiments and amazing miracles, but they also take part in the shows themselves and get to feel like real scientists.

You have birthday or other occasion? Our show is an exciting new format for children’s parties feasts! It’s a research laboratory where fantasy becomes reality!

To make it even more fun, we organize scientific holiday camps for kids from 5 y.o.

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Safety Compliance

All experiments and tests we
feature in our shows are verified
by real scientists and
only included after approval.
All our materials are
sourced and safety certified by
our partners in Canada and the USA
At the end of our shows,
all materials are removed
and we ensure floors and clothes are clean

We are international

Science show. Organization of children’s parties.

If you are wondering how to celebrate your child’s birthday, the "Newton Show " is here make it an out-of-the ordinary event. This is an exciting new way to party - a science-themed show.

This isn’t an entirely new thing - in the United States, science-themed kids’ parties have been around for a while and have been great successes, but it’s new in Asia. There is even a new term for such events: ‘edutainment’ combining the words ‘ «education’ and ‘«entertainment’.

Entertainers at these events perform shows with real chemistry and physics experiments, involving the audience in the process, making the show a truly interactive one.

Children feel like real scientists, and are encouraged. To take an interest in science, as well as, numbers and formulas.

Even adults will watch the "Newton Show with great pleasure. Our parties are very meticulously organized to exacting standards. Our chemical props are exclusively sourced in the USA from a reliable supplier, and our hosts are genuine.

The "Newton Show holds the interest of all audience members, young or old. If you are looking for an unusual children’s party, then our show is exactly what you need. We have many programs to suit different groups"

From 3 to 6 years old - a program for preschoolers, perfect for a kindergarten party. With simple experiments to introduce that the world of science to the younger child.

From 7 to 9 years old - a program for primary school children. Kids this age are often called “why-guys” because of their constant questioning. Our parties for school children are designed to give provide answers to many of their questions, and to encourage further interest in science.

From 10 to 13 years - a program designed for students who have already seen some real sciences in school. At this age a child may have been put off by to science, if their study of physics and chemistry only involved boring paragraphs in textbooks. Our science-themed show can revive any student’s interest in science.

From 14 and older - in this program, we feature the most spectacular experiments that will surprise even the pickiest audience.

The "Newton Show organizers" will arrange a great party that will exceed your expectations. Look at our sample videos of children's birthdays. Now we arrange science shows in the following regions: Europe (10 cities), Singapore.